Keys to Building a Brand as a New DJ

Keys to Building a Brand as a New DJ | Tinskin

I adopted my alias, dj.WYSIWYG, prior to releasing my third mix in 2011. My first two mixes didn’t have my official name, so building a brand took some time. While the mix series name (Halo-Halo) was decided early, I was undecided on a DJ name. If you take a look, the artwork for the two mixes has my initials instead. Upon settling on an identity, I could’ve edited the covers to include the selection but wanted to stay true to the original product. You can argue this was a flaw in establishing a brand, but I think history has its place, has value in evolution and ultimately left it as-is.

To further elaborate on building a brand, I’ve broken down the steps into separate posts. Mind you, I was not directly promoting the mixes very much starting out. Back in the day, I knew other DJs to leverage friends, had the right type of connections, and/or were involved in the party scenes to work in their favor. Maybe this is all presumptuous and somewhat off, but that’s how I always understood it. I’ve noticed many of them with a social quality not relevant to myself. So if you have that type of network, I would use it. To this day, word of mouth is probably one of the most effective forms of marketing.

The following gets into the process of building a brand online from scratch, and without having the aforementioned network. For me, these were the parts that comprised the main core of acquiring a good amount of views online. (Halo-Halo Vol.1 acquired over 20,000 views on YouTube)

  1. Branding Yourself
  2. Where to Upload Audio Online
  3. Future Post: Social Media
  4. Future Post: Search Engine Optimization

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